Marital chords can do many different things, but there are a few topics they can`t cover. For example, a matrimonial agreement cannot normally be used to set responsibilities for child care or education, as the courts have the power to rule on these issues in order to protect the best interests of the child. Marriage contracts in Louisiana are not enforceable if a spouse demonstrates that in the first year after moving and acquiring a residence in Louisiana, spouses can enter into a marital contract without judicial authorization. Acts 1979, 709, No. 1. Modified by Acts 1980, No. 565, No. 1. The Louisiana Marriage Agreement, also known as the “marriage agreement,” is a contract that defines the separation of property between two people wishing to marry. Through this agreement, the couple opts for a “contractual law regime” of the Marriage Act, which determines the distribution of property when the marriage ends due to divorce or death. However, state law does not allow marital agreements to restrict a spouse`s right to support (support) after a divorce.

A couple can enter into a marital contract even after marriage, but must file a joint application for justice to obtain approval of their contract. Marriage contracts have long been seen as a negative aspect of what would otherwise be a joyous event. However, this view has changed in recent years. Today, couples realize that a marriage agreement is an important financial instrument to protect both parties from unexpected events, not a prediction of a future in which the marriage will eventually end. Once seen as a black cloud over an otherwise joyous occasion, marital chords have begun to lose their sinister reputation in recent years. Many couples today view marital agreements as an appropriate precautionary measure against the unexpected, not as a prognosis of the fall. In fact, some couples report that the process of cooperation for the creation of a marriage agreement has actually helped to improve their relationship by promoting communication and some of the “what if?” -relieving the worries that many people experience before they get married.

State Of Louisiana Prenuptial Agreement Laws

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