DISCLAIMER: These contract templates are only used for educational purposes. Always talk to a lawyer before writing or signing a contract or other legal document. Administrative agreements: under an administrative arrangement, the publisher has the right to manage a composition or group of compositions (i.e. licensing the use of songs in recordings, soundtracks, CDs, television series, films, DVDs, commercials and video productions) for a period of time (e.g. B 3 years, 5 years, etc.) and collect royalties from all music users. In return for its services, the publisher generally receives “administrative costs” of 10 to 25% of all revenues received during the term of the contract. Foreign sub-publication agreements: the foreign sub-publishing agreement is similar to a management contract. The only difference is that the publishing house makes a contract with another publishing house in a foreign country to represent its catalogue in this territory. If z.B. an American publishing house wants a publisher in England to present its catalogue in the United Kingdom, or if a publisher in France wishes to have its catalogue represented in the United States by an American publishing house, the agreement is referred to as a sub-publication agreement. As in the case of the administrative agreement, representation is limited to a fixed term (usually no less than 3 years) and the fees that foreign under-sales withhold for its services are negotiable within certain limits. B. Monthly intervals (for example.

B $4,000.00 at the beginning of each month of the current contract period); It is important to note that royalties are expressed in this agreement as “at source.” This term is defined in paragraph 1.3 and means that, when funds are collected for the publisher by licensees or related companies, the songwriter`s licence fee is based on the sums collected by those licensees or related companies, and not on the sums collected by the publisher who eventually deducted the commission. Not all publishers offer in source agreements, but if they don`t want songwriters, try to limit the amount of deductions allowed and look for a higher royalty rate accordingly. As many authors write with other songwriters, songwriter contracts often contain notes on what will happen if there is a co-author on a song. It often stipulates that separate agreements must be made when a co-written song is submitted.

Songwriter Contract Agreement

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