Part-time work earns vacation leave for each month, the worker is paid for at least twice the length of service of the worker, in proportion to the seniority set at 34.02 of this agreement, prorated and calculated as follows: 34.13 When a worker dies or is no longer employed, the worker`s estate is paid by multiplying the number of the product acquired to an amount equal to the product received. during days of leave earned but not used on the employee`s balance by the daily wage calculated from the classification prescribed in the act of appointment at the time of termination of the employment relationship. 34.15 At the worker`s request, the employer grants the employee unused leave credits prior to termination of employment, where this allows the worker to conclude the first year of uninterrupted employment in the event of termination for severance pay. The following notices provide the Staff Community with a policy interpretation, guidance and updates on collective agreements, classification, compensation and labour relations, as well as the guidelines of the Joint National Council (JNC). 19.03 By mutual agreement, the parties may use a mediator to resolve a complaint in relation to discrimination. The selection of the mediator is done by mutual agreement. 18.37 The employer or alliance may submit a political complaint to the other regarding the interpretation or application of the collective agreement or arbitration award concerning one or the bargaining unit in general. In each year of leave at the request of the worker and at the employer`s discretion, unused vacation credits of more than one hundred and twelve decimal hours are five (112.5) or one hundred and twenty (120) hours, if the normal work week is forty (40) hours per week, are paid at the hourly wage of the worker who, according to the classification in the worker`s appointment act, is paid for by the hourly wage of the worker, who, according to the classification in the worker`s appointment act, is paid , is paid as of March 31 last year. 38.09 When a worker dies or ceases to be employed by other means, the worker or the worker`s estate receives an amount equal to the proceeds equal to the number of hours earned; unused vacation leave is calculated with the worker`s salary on the worker`s balance with the hourly wage required by the worker`s appointment deed at the time of termination of the employment relationship, except that the employer grants the worker leave that is granted by the worker before the termination of employment by dismissal , if the worker requests it under the requirement to meet the minimum continuous employment requirements for compensation.

Psac Collective Agreement Vacation

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