The agreement was warmly welcomed by two prominent state politicians, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House of Representatives critic Adrienne A. Jones. After your agreement to carry out estimated work or pre-bookings, a down payment equal to 50% of the total amount must be immediate. We preserve the right to request the full down payment at our discretion. Rifkin, the city`s representative, William H. Cole, and Alan Foreman, who represented the state`s thoroughbred industry, spent 120 days developing the agreement after the city dropped its complaint. Asked whether the legislation should be passed at the next meeting, the three unanimously replied: “Yes.” If approved, the deal would settle a controversy in which the Stronach Group favored the transfer of the Preakness Stakes to Laurel, about a 30-minute drive south of the city, while city supporters fought to retain a version of Pimlico and hold the race in Baltimore. Belinda Stronach, president and president of the Stronach Group, which is owned by the Maryland Jockey Club, said the deal contained “transformative plans for the racing industry in Maryland.” On March 23, 2010, an agreement was reached to sell Magna Entertainment Corporation`s two tracks at the Maryland Jockey Club (Pimlico and Laurel Park) to its parent company MI Development.

On May 7, Penn National and MI Development announced that they would co-own and operate the Maryland Jockey Club. Penn National, which started in 1973 and operates a thoroughbred circuit near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has become the largest circuit operator in the country. [3] Baltimore, MD – Today, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young announced that the city, the Stronach Group, owner of the Maryland Jockey Club, Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore City, the Stakes preakness® and Laurel Park in Anne Arundel County, along with Maryland`s total blood industry, have in principle reached a historic agreement to subject Annapolis executives to review and review. , plans that, if adopted at the next general meeting, will receive pre-places® in Pimlico and improve year-round sustainable races in Laurel Park with the most modern modern facilities and stimulate community rehabilitation efforts in and around Pimlico. But even those who drafted the agreement acknowledge that it would require several changes in state law by the General Assembly in 2020, the adoption of new responsibilities by the Maryland Stadium Authority and the possible creation of an organization that owns and operates the site. Alan Rifkin, who represented the Jockey Club in four months of discussions on the development of the plan, said he did not know what would happen to the recommendations if there was no swift legislative approval. In an interview, Frank Stronach, 87, said he didn`t necessarily have a problem with his daughter, Stronach leader Belinda Stronach, 53, with the city of Baltimore to keep the second leg of the Triple Crown in Pimlico in Park Heights. But he doesn`t like that he wasn`t consulted, he believes his daughter is an illegitimate business president and wants the deal to do much more for the Park Heights community. In October 2019, the Stronach Group agreed in principle with the City of Baltimore and groups representing Maryland riders who would keep the preakness in Pimlico permanently.

Pimlico Agreement

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